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We look at every aspect of sustainable development from providing environment-friendly solutions to energy conservation to tackling issues of global climate change across continents. We help our clients balance competing economic, social and environmental goals. We help organizations to anticipate changes in the emerging economy, help strategizing, improve their operations and risk profile, and accelerate their organizational performance to seize the most attractive opportunities. Our focus areas include clean technology solutions, community revitalization, sustainable community development, climate change mitigation and adaption measures and other sustainability issues.

Our Expertise

Access to Energy

More than 1.2 billion people in developing countries have no access to electricity and more than 2.8 billion people have to rely on wood or other biomass to meet their basic needs. Access to modern energy services for cooking and heating, lighting and communications is a vast area of unmet need area that has the potential to transform people’s lives in the developing countries. The benefits of achieving universal access to modern energy services are transformational: cleaner indoor air, better lighting, pumps for water and sanitation and more income generating opportunities. It is clear that access to energy is essential for the progress of vast majority of the population in the developing countries.

CoreCarbonX supports access to electricity (on- and off-grid, decentralized whenever possible and based on clean energy technologies), access to clean fuel and devices for cooking and heating purpose.

We are working an extensive portfolio of projects and programmers in Biomass Briquetting, Improved Cook stoves, Household Biogas Digesters, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Rooftop. In the process, we have acquired a wealth of experience and expertise in management of total value chain of these projects and programme.

Climate Change

Climate Change is real and it requires urgent actions. In Asia-Pacific, climate change is no longer a menace; it is a reality and a sign of what lies ahead. For many of the Pacific Island States, it is a question of their survival or extermination. Global warming and climate change are causing major shift in climate patterns i.e, loss of sea ice, accelerated sea levels to rise; increased frequency of extreme weather events. Climate variability and change also modify the risks of forest fires, water stress and scarcity, negatively affecting food productivity and increased prevalence of diseases. All are likely to have devastating effects, particularly more on the poor.

Therefore, action on Climate Change cannot wait, it has to happen now. There is a need for new sense of urgency and a new sense of responsibility for addressing climate change impacts. The responsibility is not only to protect today’s economy and societies but also to prepare for a secured future for the next generation.

Climate Change Adaptaion

Businesses and communities needs to be ready to adapt to the physical risks presented by climate change such as extreme weather and climate events; and changing ecosystems, and ensure that they have the systems in place in order to minimize potential disruptions. Businesses and societies should be ready to utilize the opportunities that may emerge from changing socioeconomic and market conditions that could result from global and national responses to climate change. CoreCarbonX provide services needed to aid adaptation across society and to deal with climate change. Our strongholds are in the fields of agriculture and rural development, forestry and natural disaster management. Today, CoreCarbonX’s through special technical experience in these sectors is designing and implementing effective climate change adaptation strategies.

Climate Change Mitigation

We offer distinctive consultancy services for climate change mitigation measures by combining extensive experience, comprehensive capability across all industries and business functions. We help organization to anticipate changes in the carbon market, understand the impact of carbon emission from their activities, understand the befits of carbon reduction projects, help strategizing their business , improve their operations and risk profile and accelerate their organizational performance to seize the most attractive opportunities.

Our advisory services provide clients with counsel and practical support on all aspects of carbon asset management, including: market analysis, policy, methodology development for climate change mitigation projects; conceptualization, innovation, development, reporting, monitoring, value creation, risk management and monetization of carbon assets.

Disaster Management

CoreCarbonX disaster management services include the monitoring programs for natural disasters, flood management, embankment monitoring for hydro projects and dams which typically consist of surveillance or visual observation; instrumentation; data collection; data evaluation, presentation and management; and decisions/response based on results. Based on the information on Surveillance and Monitoring programs on dams, we evaluate the dam’s performance with respect to design intent and expected behavior, monitor for changes that could affect the safe performance of the dam, assist in investigations and evaluations of abnormal or degrading dam performance and determining if maintenance or remedial action is necessary.

Environmental and Biodiversity

We deliver solutions for environmental and biodiversity management. We specialize in emerging challenges such as No negative environmental and biodiversity impact / Net Positive Impact. We design and deliver results, improve interventions and make programme and policy for policy decisions.

Our Environmental services company M/s Mantra Green Resources Limited was established in the year 2005, in the name of Mantras Resources. The company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company engaged in providing complete range of consultancy services for environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies and environment related projects. The company is being accredited by Quality Council of India (QCI)/ national Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) under the scheme of “Accreditation of EIA Consultant Organization: for Thermal Power plants, Distillery, Metallurgical Industry, Sugar Industry, Synthetic Organic Chemical Industry and Building and Large Construction Projects.

Social Empowerment

CoreCarbonX aims to use its experience of working with the cross section of societies to advise and provide consultation to the organisations for outreaching their programmes and delivery systems to the masses and developing the capacity of their target groups to access the delivery system and its benefits.
We works on eradicating extreme hunger and poverty, promotion of education, gender equality and women empowerment, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, enhancing vocational skills and Poll management and more.


As per the provisions of Corporate Social Responsibility under Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, a company has to mandatorily incur expenses towards CSR (2 percent of average net profit made by the company during every block of three years) if their Annual turnover is ≥ INR 1000 Crore or net worth is ≥INR 500 Crore or Net profit is ≥ INR 5 Crore.

We work with companies to create and implement CSR strategies aligned to business objectives. We help philanthropists and foundations address causes dear to them through impact-focused initiatives. Our network of NGOs across India lends immense credibility to our solutions that are custom-made to your needs. We believe in collaboration, effectiveness, sustainability and scale. Join us in our assignment of "doing good better”.

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