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Asset Management

Our services on the asset management include Conceptualization, Innovation, Development, Reporting, Monitoring, Inventorisation, Value Creation, Risk Management and Monetization of asset as well as business operation towards sustainability.

Our Expertise

Emission Reductions Credits

In recent years, global warming and climate change have become international issues for both industrial and developing countries. They will undoubtedly continue to be important politically and economically for generations to come.

As among the largest single source of direct and indirect emissions business organization has a large part to play. Abnormal weather events and emerging policy framework were complicit in several corporate performances during the past few years, and there is every reason to suspect the future will be the same. The coming year will see greenhouse gas Emissions become increasingly influential in determining competitiveness and profitability-positively and negatively-in the sector, company and project levels. Looking ahead, climate change offers opportunities as well as risk and this will continue to grow.

Our asset management services enables companies to change the way they think about the environment and take positive steps towards the low carbon economy. We advise and assist clients in managing their carbon emissions through a combination of emission reductions and offsets. We have already executed successful transaction of millions of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) from many projects across the world.

Renewable Energy

Our asset management services cover all range of renewable energy technologies (Wind, Solar biogas digester and Biomass Briqutte) and are aimed to maximize the value of these assets. Our team will help you develop a sustainable optimisation concept in compliance with applicable regulations and state of the art technology.

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