Cluster Development Program: Catalyzing Sustainable Agriculture Across India


India’s agricultural landscape is facing unprecedented challenges from climate change, environmental degradation, and economic pressures. Farmers, the backbone of the nation’s food security, find themselves grappling with decreasing productivity, soil depletion, and water scarcity.

Recognizing this urgency, Waycool, a prominent agri-tech company, launched the Cluster Development Program (CDP) to reshape agriculture through a comprehensive, climate-positive approach.

Core CarbonX team is delighted to implement this three-year program on Waycool’s behalf, leveraging its expertise in sustainable agriculture and carbon credit projects.

The CDP spans six clusters across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh, involving farmers, local institutions, and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs). By promoting regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, and efficient irrigation techniques, it aims to create a measurable impact on soil and water resources while improving farmers’ net income, yield, and cost of cultivation.

The program is structured around three key pillars:

Year 1. Mobilization and Capacity Building: The program involves mobilizing 5,400 farmers, including 20% women, across three states and six districts in Year 1. This includes cluster profiling, farmer onboarding, and extensive training on regenerative practices like agroforestry and efficient irrigation.

Year 2. Implementation of Sustainable Practices: The second year concentrated on implementing these climate-positive techniques like multiple cropping systems, integrated livestock, residue management, and efficient irrigation, with continuous monitoring and evaluation.

Year 3. Consolidation and Scaling Up: The third year involved, a comprehensive impact assessment to evaluate increases in farmer incomes, environmental sustainability, and market linkages. Successful interventions were scaled up across additional regions.

Benefits of the Program

The Cluster Development Program promises to deliver far-reaching benefits for farmers, communities, and the environment:

  1. Enhanced resilience of farming communities to economic vulnerabilities and climate risks, ensuring long-term sustainability.
  2. Increased Productivity and Income: By adopting sustainable practices, farmers can expect improved crop yields and higher incomes, contributing to regional food security and economic development.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Improves soil health, water conservation, and biodiversity.
  4. Traceable and Safe Produce: Consumers will have access to a continuous supply of high-quality, traceable, and safe produce with minimal environmental impact.
  5. Co-benefits and Sustainable Development Goals: Aligns with several UN Sustainable Development Goals, on responsible consumption, climate action, and life on land.

With Core CarbonX’s pioneering vision and expertise at the forefront, Waycool’s Cluster Development Program is poised to revolutionize agriculture across India. Championing climate-smart and regenerative farming practices, this transformative initiative empowers rural communities to flourish economically while preserving the environment for a truly sustainable and prosperous future.

Be part of such groundbreaking movement led by Core CarbonX, reshaping India’s agricultural canvas with resilience, abundance, and environmental stewardship at its core.


Capacity building and implementation of sustainable prctices 5400 farmers  of which 20 percent are women benefited and the project spreads across 3 states and 6 districts Project start date:

March 2024


Project life:



Sustainable Development goals from Co-benefits