Climate Change

Climate change mitigation is one of CCX's core focus areas.
CCX addresses both support and services for organisations involved in alleviating climate change, manages projects. as well as offer consulting and advisory to businesses.

The impact of climate change as been seen and felt by the world in recent years, and to disastrous effect. Forest fires, rise of temperatures in the northern hemisphere, flooding and droughts in other areas have arrived much earlier than environmentalists and climatologists could predict. It therefore becomes critical for organisations – be they private sector of all sizes or governments and NGOs to address climate change.

At CoreCarbonX we have a range of services and solutions that cut across various impact areas and stages of climate change. Climate change mitigation is a core focus area, and besides offering services and solutions, CCX also invests and undertakes projects that help alleviate climate change. While this alone may not be sufficient, CCX is keen to partner with you to ensure that we make a combined impact.

Our services

Access to Energy

Through our improved cookstoves, household biogas and solar rooftop solutions and projects, we ensure that communities have access to low-cost, comfortable and sustainable energy sources.

Climate Market

We work with organisations to develop strategies for reduction of carbon emission, access CDM markets and future climate markets.


We are currently working on CORSIA credits for the aviation industry.

Renewable Energy

We have a programme of activity on on onshore wind, offshore wind and solar PV (IFC PS 6).

Why us

Climate-focused: CCX is an organisation founded with the objective to help mitigate the impact of climate change.

Small size, huge impact: unlike the big four consulting companies, CCX is manned by a handful of experts who give focus and energy to any engagement they are working on.

Flexible approach: no matter where you are in your sustainability journey, we have the expertise and experience to contribute positively to your outcomes. Our size and approach enable us to deliver insights and strategies that are just right for your business.

Focused on you: when you work with large-sized consulting companies, you worry about how you fit in them. But at CCX, we work to ensure that we are the right fit for you, irrespective of your size.

On-field experience: all of our consultants and experts have boots-on-the-ground experience in managing field projects at various scales and around the globe. Be it carbon trading or civil engineering tasks, our consultants have been there – that makes us best suited to offer you insights and strategic inputs.