About CoreCarbonX

Sustainability Consulting, Project Originator, Carbon Trading and Environmental Advisory Services.

Who we are

We work to help you tackle the uncertainties of climate change and ensure a sustainable future for you and your ecosystem.

Set up in 2008, CoreCarbonX (CCX) is a climate and sustainability consulting firm, serving  clients in more than 12 countries. We help  companies and institutions earn and  maintain trust, innovate and lead the way  to a just and sustainable future.

  • We are based in Hyderabad, India, with partners spread over 12 countries in Asia and Africa
  • Our strong team of consultants provide advisory and services related to climate change and sustainability
  • We have a large portfolio of over 300 CDM and VCS projects
  • We are active on compliance and voluntary carbon markets
  • Beyond advisory, marketing and trading, we invest in projects in reducing CO2 emissions through plastic waste recycling, improved cookstove distribution

SectorsClimate Change Mitigation

Climate change mitigation is one of CoreCarbonX’s core focus areas. Our activities encompass:

  • Access to energy
  • Capacity development
  • Climate market
  • Renewable energy

ServicesStrategy and Insights

We help businesses understand climate, environmental and regulatory trends and events and devise appropriate strategies to adapt to them.

Programs and ProjectsBrowse our projects

We have successfully completed more than 300 projects throughout the world in sustainable development, renewable energy and climate change.

These projects include climate finance, environmental management, renewable energy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and capacity building programs and activities.

What we do

We provide services across sustainability consulting, carbon exchange and climate change advisory.