Urban and Industrial Areas

Explore Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Urban and Industrial Planning and Design

Urban Sustainability is more than just a process—it’s a transformative approach that helps us optimize resources and build a brighter future for our planet. Through strategic projects like climate risk assessments, sustainable industrial park development, canal restoration, water network expansion, and efficient waste management, master planning enables us to approach resources more optimally.

With the rapid rate of development and increasing demand on resources, there is an urgent need to assess, analyze and improve the urban industrial areas to ensure sustainable practices. Urban and industrial areas are vulnerable to extreme weather events, pollution, noise, soil contamination, and biodiversity loss due to their concentrated population and infrastructure and aggregated consumption patterns.
CoreCarbonX has been involved in ideating and executing Sustainability projects in urban and industrial areas  that result in overall sustainable development of existing resources and also promote their optimal management and utilization.


Our services

Climate Change
Climate Action Plans for Urban and Industrial Area
Climate Change
Climate Risk Assessment of Industries
Climate Change
Net Zero and Decarbonisation solutions for Industries and Corporates
Climate Change
Master Planning and Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) of sustainable industrial parks
Climate Change
DPR for Canal and Rejuvenation of Water Bodies (Lakes)
Climate Change
Water Supply and Distribution Network Planning
Climate Change
Industrial Effluent Management
Climate Change
Circular Economy in Urban and Industrial Waste Management
Climate Change
Mass Awareness (Information, Education & Communication (IEC)) and Capacity Building
Our Programs Aligned with Sustainable Development Goals
Our urban and industrial planning projects are meticulously crafted with sustainability at their core. At CoreCarbonX, we have devised strategies to seamlessly integrate the prescribed sustainable objectives SDG 9, 11, 12 and 13 into our programs.

Why us

Sectoral expertise: CCX has consultants who have considerable experience and expertise in urban and industrial sustainability.

Small size, huge impact: unlike the big four consulting companies, CCX is manned by a handful of experts who give focus and energy to any engagement they are working on.

Flexible approach: no matter where you are in your sustainability journey, we have the expertise and experience to contribute positively to your outcomes. Our size and approach enable us to deliver insights and strategies that are just right for your business.

Focused on you: when you work with large-sized consulting companies, you worry about how you fit in them. But at CCX, we work to ensure that we are the right fit for you, irrespective of your size.

On-field experience: all of our consultants and experts have boots-on-the-ground experience in managing field projects at various scales and around the globe. Be it geo spatial analysis or civil engineering tasks, our consultants have been there – that makes us best suited to offer you insights and strategic inputs