ESG Advisory

Maximise your business value with ESG Integration
ESG encompasses a spectrum of factors that businesses must address to ensure sustainable practices. Our consultants can help you understand them better.

In today’s interconnected world, businesses are increasingly held accountable beyond financial performance for their contributions to environmental conservation, social equity, and ethical leadership. Companies that embrace ESG principles demonstrate a commitment to long-term sustainability, risk management, and stakeholder value creation.

Understanding ESG considerations involves grappling with their intricate and multifaceted nature. These encompass four essential pillars: Environment, Social, Prosperity, and Governance – forming the foundation of ESG assessment. Each pillar encapsulates different dimensions of a business’s impact on sustainability and responsibility. Leveraging years of experience, CoreCarbonX excels in ESG assessment by aligning practices with SEBI BRSR and global standards such as IIGCC, TCFD, Climate Action 100+, SBTi, GRI, SASB, CDP et al. This extensive proficiency empowers us to guide businesses through the intricacies of sustainable practices, enabling impactful strides towards responsible growth. Our adept consultants specialize in evaluating companies’ current ESG performance, identifying areas for enhancement, and creating actionable strategies that resonate with their unique goals.

Our ESG roadmap covers the entire value chain as mentioned below

Trends and Foresights

Peer and Industry Analysis

Compare ESG efforts with peers, uncover insights, and enhance practices.
Predictive models and analysis

Materiality Assessment and Discovery Workshop

Tailored ESG workshops for profound discussions with experts, aligning with business needs.
Precognition, scrutiny and recasting

Setting ESG Goals

On the basis of baseline assessment, formulate clear short-, medium-, and long-term goals to be integrated with the business strategy.
Sustainability strategy

Engaging Stakeholders

Understand stakeholder concerns across the value chain, and harmonize ESG with the expectations of vital stakeholders.
Sustainability strategy

Transparent Reporting

Craft accurate ESG reports with expert aid and follow industry reporting standards and frameworks, demonstrating sustainability dedication.
Sustainability strategy

ESG Risk Assessment

Thoroughly analyze and manage ESG risks to bolster sustainability resilience.
Sustainability strategy

Data Collection, Monitoring and Corrective Action

Expansion of business value through ESG

Trends and Foresights

Top Line Growth

Access new markets and expand existing ones with a robust ESG proposition.
Predictive models and analysis

Cost reduction

Executing ESG can effectively reduce costs by lowering operating expenses
Precognition, scrutiny and recasting

Investment and Asset Optimization

To maximise returns, invest in long-term options and avoid those with long-term environmental risks
Sustainability strategy

Employee productivity uplift

Positive social impact correlates with higher job satisfaction; when companies “give back” employees react with enthusiasm.
Sustainability strategy

Easing regulatory and legal interventions

Companies can have more strategic freedom and less regulatory pressure if their external value proposition is stronger.

Why us

Technology partnerships: CoreCarbonX has technology partnerships across software, device, and talent providers that help reduce the cost of solution ownership or provision.

Small size, huge impact: Unlike the big four consulting companies, CoreCarbonX is manned by a handful of experts who give focus and energy to any engagement they are working on.

Flexible approach: No matter where you are in your sustainability journey, we have the expertise and experience to contribute positively to your outcomes. Our size and approach enable us to deliver insights and strategies that are just right for your business

Focused on you: When you work with large-sized consulting companies, you worry about how you fit in them. But at CoreCarbonX, we work to ensure that we are the right fit for you, irrespective of your size.

On-field experience: All of our consultants and experts have boots-on-the-ground experience in managing field projects at various scales and around the globe. Be it carbon trading or civil engineering tasks, our consultants have been there – that makes us best suited to offer you insights and strategic inputs.