January 21, 2023

Carbon Market: Today and Tomorrow.

While efforts to combat climate change are on the rise, many questions remain unanswered. These include how to best reduce, avoid, or remove carbon; how to best restore or build carbon sinks; how to best build climate resilient communities and ecosystems; how to best finance these programs through the development of a carbon market; and more.

Here’s hoping that 2023 brings us some important breakthroughs in figuring out these questions. The new year is here, and we, at CoreCarbonX, wish you the best of luck with it. Watch our Recap 2022 video

The highlights of this month’s newsletter will be:

  • The shape of the carbon market today, and its future
  • Featured CoreCarbonX Projects
    • Natural Farming
    • Greenhouse Gas Inventory Study for SAMOA
  • Industry Update