June 29, 2022

CoreCarbon Watch – Business’ road to carbon offsets. How crucial are co-benefits?

Climate change is a ticking time bomb that will disrupt economies, destabilise communities, increase resource scarcity, and significantly increase the cost of doing business in the long term.

Carbon market can play a significant role in climate action. Carbon Trading, according to estimates, may enable the removal of 50% more emissions (about 5 gigatons of CO2 per year by 2030) at no additional cost. The emphasis is now shifting from traditional carbon offsets – “avoided emissions” (here carbon remains in the system) to “carbon removals” (carbon is removed from the system). 

The highlights of this month’s newsletter will be:

  • Voluntary business effort accelerated demand for carbon credits
  • How is the carbon offset pricing stacking up in voluntary carbon markets?
  • Why carbon offset co-benefits are crucial for corporate buyers?
  • India’s potential to be one of the largest carbon credit markets