Can India Be a Trailblazer as Global Fashion Turns to Organic Cotton?

July 22, 2022

All over the world, apparel brands have started adopting organic cotton. There are growing calls for sustainability across the world, from the fashion houses of Milan and Paris to India.

A report says that the market size of organic cotton will reach $6,730 million by 2028. India produces over half of the supply of the world’s organic cotton.

Cotton isn’t always good for the environment. It has sometimes been called “the world’s dirtiest crop”.

Fortunately, organic cotton is different. Organic cotton farmers replace harmful pesticides with those that are organically approved. They use natural fertilizers, such as manure. Organic cotton also does not make use of genetically modified seeds.

Cotton farmers need to be re-skilled and trained in its cultivation. These skills include using natural fertilizer options and creating a healthy soil balance. Another aspect is the art of keeping pests under control instead of destroying them with the use of chemicals.

Organic cotton production emits half the amount of carbon dioxide compared to conventional cotton production.

For these reasons, organic cotton causes much less damage to the planet. It is the perfect choice for those who care about sustainable growth and development.

For more, read the opinion piece in The Quint, co-authored by Niroj Mohanty, MD & CEO, Core CarbonX and Vishwendra Verma, Advisor at Core CarbonX.

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