Core Carbon Vanam Initiative in Odisha

Stakeholder Consultation Meetings Under Verra Voluntary Carbon Standard Held Across Odisha Districts

December 2023
Venue: Odisha

Core Carbon Vanam is CCX’s pioneering agroforestry project implemented across various districts in Odisha under the Verra Standard. This extensive outreach in December 2023 served as a platform to disseminate details about the planned ARR VCS agroforestry project, elucidate anticipated environmental and social impacts, and actively engage with and address farmers’ and stakeholders’ queries and grievances.  

The project aims to encourage sustainable agroforestry for Odisha’s small-scale farmers to profit financially and assure GHG reduction. The farmers own the lands where various fruit and commercial tree species are being grown to sequester carbon and reduce emissions.

Many farmers attended each district meeting to enhance their understanding of the project implemented across Odisha to boost soil health and farm productivity while diversifying incomes. Core Carbon Vanam tangibly benefits the environment and rural communities.

Refer to the Core Carbon Vanam Project details here.

Here are some glimpses from these meetings across the Odisha state.