Inaugural Function of Biochar Society

13 February, 2024
Venue: Hyderabad

CCX participated in the inaugural session of Biochar Society at Hyderabad.

As a founding member of the Biochar Society, CoreCarbonX is delighted to participate in the inaugural event hosted in Hyderabad. Our VP Mr. Karthik Rao S shed light on our efforts to drive Carbon Revenue through biochar – a carbon-rich soil amendment that replenishes organic carbon, improves aeration & water retention.

Biochar application enables farmers to enhance soil fertility, productivity, and crucially, sequester carbon from the atmosphere. By promoting this sustainable practice, CCX aims to empower agriculturists while tapping into carbon credits.

Our biochar initiatives pave the way for a carbon-neutral future in agriculture. Join our programs or contact us to learn more about harnessing carbon credits through regenerative farming methods.

Sharing with you glimpses of the event.