India's Coastal Heroes: Mangroves, Safeguarding Biodiversity And Climate

10 August, 2023

Alarming statistics show that for every one percent of mangrove loss, a staggering 200 million tonnes of carbon, once trapped in mangroves, is released into the atmosphere.

Despite the loss of approximately 40 percent of its mangroves due to urbanization, pollution, and unsustainable practices, India’s mangroves serve as indispensable coastal guardians, uniquely equipped to combat climate change and preserve vibrant ecosystems.

An insightful article titled “Embracing India’s Coastal Heroes: How Mangroves Safeguard Biodiversity and Climate” was co-authored by Niroj Mohanty and Kavita Sahany of CoreCarbonX. The article sheds light on the remarkable role of mangroves in preserving biodiversity, mitigating climate change, and protecting our environment. It also delves into the numerous benefits of mangroves and highlights the crucial role their conservation can play in India’s developing sustainability market.

CoreCarbonX has been working towards restoring and conserving mangroves in various parts of India and their efforts have benefitted both the local communities as well as the environment.