TiE Hyderabad OpenMic

31st August, 2023
Venue: Hyderabad

Niroj Mohanty, our visionary Managing Director at CoreCarbonX Solutions Pvt Ltd., graced the panel at TiE Hyderabad OpenMic event.

OpenMic serves as the ultimate platform for emerging entrepreneurs and those unafraid to challenge the status quo. The August OpenMic event marked a resounding success, with a diverse array of companies showcasing their innovations in Climate Tech, Food, and Agri Tech.

Niroj, a trailblazer in the energy and climate change sector, leads CoreCarbonX Solutions with unwavering commitment to understand and address the impacts of climate change. His invitation to engage and mentor budding entrepreneurs at OpenMic underscores the growing importance of climate change and sustainability in the global startup landscape. Through CoreCarbonX, Niroj looks forward to more such opportunities to provide invaluable insights to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Sharing a few glimpses of the event