May 3, 2022

Launch of the Core Carbon programme: Providing high-efficiency cookstoves to low-income households in Odisha, India.

On the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya on May 3, 2022, Core CarbonX launched its most ambitious programme, the Core Carbon. A major new collaboration between Vida Carbon Corp and Core CarbonX Sols Pvt Ltd will help 300,000 households in Odisha, India, transition to clean cooking with the help of improved and highly efficient cookstoves. Currently, these households rely on inefficient cookstoves and solid fuels. This project includes a unique distribution model to reach rural households in remote areas and will tackle the challenges of lack of access to clean cooking.

This project will benefit society greatly by lowering firewood consumption, improving health, lowering indoor air pollution, and generating carbon credits.

The ultimate goal of this major collaboration is to assist one million low income households in India transition to clean cooking.