August 30, 2021

DPR on Restoring Maniyari Irrigation Canal

A detailed study clearly encompassing modelling and GIS analysis of the Maniyari canal, tank and its command area: to identify interventions for physical restoration of the canal along with the financial plan for implementation.

Maniyari irrigation tank is one of the oldest canal constructions of the Bilaspur region. The quantity and quality of water stored in the tank has been influenced by flooding, seepage/internal erosion, encroachments and structural deterioration.

Improving Effective Lifespan of Ageing Irrigation Systems
The study puts forward solutions to improve the canal efficiency and plug seepages, leakages and other distribution losses.

Initiative to Enhance Agricultural Production
For each tertiary unit, the cropping patterns and water requirements will be examined to bring more villages under irrigation by selecting proper crop mixtures and reducing the conveyance losses.

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