Does your business have a carbon offset strategy?

Some emissions may be unavoidable or intractable in a company’s value chain, but that doesn’t exclude the possibility of reaching carbon neutrality. By assessing the emission reductions accomplished in your value chain and by buying carbon offsets to balance emissions outside of your control, you can establish a meaningful carbon target and finance exceptional initiatives that not only minimise GHG emissions but meet several UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Certain sectors, such as the aviation industry, depend substantially on carbon offsets. In order to meet its CO2 reduction goals, the airline sector is expected to rely on offsets to the tune of 97% by 2025 and 93% by 2030, according to projections from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Every company has the option of developing its own carbon offset scheme to mitigate the effects of carbon emissions that cannot be prevented.

We’ve put together a short (5 minute) guide on carbon offsets for businesses, complete with examples of relevant carbon offset projects. Refer to the guide below.