Sustainability StrategiesDevelopment of Special Food Processing Zones (SPFZ)

Food processing is the necessary conversion of raw materials to edible, functional, and culturally acceptable food products, and is an Important link between production and consumption within the food value chain. Without increased attention to the role of food processing for a maintainable food supply, we are unlikely to succeed in addressing the mounting challenges in delivering sustainable diets for all.

The absence of a sustainable food processing sector contributes to the excessive food wastage in our country. Focus on food processing and preservation infrastructure can reduce this burden.

Special Food Processing Zones

Development of Special Food Processing Zones provide modern infrastructure facilities for the food processing along the value chain from the farm to the market and project also takes into consideration creation of food processing infrastructure near the farm.

SPFZ enhance the market opportunities for the farmers and provides following benefits:

  • Enhance farmer’s income.
  • Minimize wastage at all stages in the food processing chain.
  • Introduction of modern technology.
  • Encourage R&D.

As a part of the project proposed by the Telangana State Govt. Core CarbonX Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is preparing a Master Plan and a Detailed Project Report for SPFZ in three districts Mancherial, Rajanna Sircilla and Jangaon.

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