Energy efficient cookstoves in the Republic of Myanmar help families live better lives: less pollution, as well as augment incomes.

Families in Myanmar used traditional methods – either open fire or three-stone method for cooking. These were fairly inefficient at converting energy into heat for cooking. Fuel is wasted, as heat is allowed to escape into the open air. These are unhealthy too; they cause diseases like bronchitis and pneumonia.

Improving Lives

The Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) have been designed to provide an enclosure for the fire to reduce the loss of radiant heat, protect it against wind and increase heat transfer, thereby increasing efficiency.

Economic Advancement

While it also meant faster cooking, the cookstoves helped save time and fuel, cleaner pans, kitchen walls and health expenditure. Carbon credits also augmented the income of these families leading to economic advancement

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Identification of waste water flow from industries into the water bodies enables the mitigation of pollution of water bodies and thus enhancing the quality of groundwater in the area.


The industries located around the Isnapur lake are releasing their polluted effluents directly into the lake and indirectly into the Nakkavagu tributary. Due to seepage and infiltration of the polluted water bodies/drains, the groundwater and drinking water sources in the area are highly contaminated.

Mitigating Pollution:

Identification and quantification of the sources of industrial effluents from TSIIC Industrial Parks located in the catchment of the Isnapur Lake helps to develop feasible and cost-effective intervention measure(s) in the Industrial parks for reducing water pollution in the water bodies. This helps in preparation of  the action plan for implementation of remedial intervention measures for preventing the discharge of untreated effluents into the water bodies.

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Strengthening the knowledge base of government officials to effectively implement Swachh Bharat Mission: Bridging gaps and enhancing implementation.


After the introduction of Swachh Bharat Mission, building capacity of government functionaries as well as of other stakeholders under SBM-U has been one of the main challenges. In order to build the capacity of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) officials to manage sanitation issues at the ULB level. To address these emerging issues and challenges, the capacity of ULBs officials must be strengthened to enable them to play their role and shoulder their responsibilities effectively at the ULB level.

Bridging Gaps

The Exposure workshops have been designed to bridge the gap in knowledge and information to enable ULB officials to ensure effective solid waste management at ULB level and sustaining it on a long term basis. Institutions of high repute and experience have been engaged in working on imparting training and in other activities to build capacities of ULB officials.

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Capacity Building, Institutional Building, Field Level Trainings and IEBC  Activities for  20 Urban Local Bodies of Anantapur and YSR Kadapa Districts.

SANKALP  is formed  for the  adaption of  responsibility of once own wards by  giving a platform  for Choosing and registering a association  at ward s  for  quick resolve and progress and development  of Wards.

E  Learning’s for Capacity Building of  700 + ULB  office Officials  in 20  ULB’S of 2 districts  with 200 + best practices implemented all over India  and Field  level Training for  2023 Public Health workers  to raise  dignity of Labour and  help to adapt  modern  Solid Waste Management  Techniques.



Improvising  awareness  on wet/ dry  Segregation at wards Level ,Usage of  Personal Protection Equipments  of Public Health Workers , ward Level Associations for Ward level issues, promoting Kitchen composting and Roof Gardening.

Organise Information educational Behaviour Change Activities at  Ulb’s  level  for SWACH SURVEKSHAN,SWACHH HE SEVA under SWACH BHARAT MISSION

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