Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Strategies for the State of Telangana

The Circular economy is a part of the solution to deliver on the global environmental and social agenda. It is a crucial means to address Climate change, bio diversity loss, water scarcity, pollution and other major global challenges. Resource efficiency solutions focus on specific resources and explore ways to reduce their use and the negative impact of their uses.

Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Strategies helps in reducing the negative impacts of plastic waste, E-Waste and Granite Waste.

Changes in the commodity markets and price volatility of resources in the last decade have significantly increased attention towards resource issues and its implications for supply security and competitiveness

Policy for Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy

Telangana, the youngest state of the country, is on a high growth path, which requires significant re-sources. Being a progressive state and to pursue economic development with minimal harm to the environment, Telangana government has taken an initiative to mainstream Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy in the priority sector in the State; enabling convergence with India’s Resource Efficiency strategy and SDG goals. The nodal department in the state of Telangana is TSIIC (Telangana state industrial infrastructure corporation). The work on this strategy paper is supported by the partnership project of EU and Government of India-EU –Resource Efficiency Initiative (EU-REI).

CCX looked at the role of abiotic resources (primary and secondary materials excluding fossil fuels) as part of strategy paper on the economic development of Telangana with minimum harm to environment, and evaluated the current policy framework, available technologies, and financial mechanisms which support the same.

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