Assessment of Climate Risks on Agriculture in Bhutan

Climate change is emerging as a threat to agriculture, food security and livelihoods of the farmers and dependent communities in Bhutan. The issues related to climate change and its impact on agriculture are complex and require a comprehensive understanding.

Bhutan, being one of the smallest countries whose economy is majorly based on agriculture, livestock and forests, is particularly vulnerable to climate change due to its topography. There will be an increased likelihood of a potent threat to agriculture in general and food security in particular.

Assessing Risks

The CCX study helps to demonstrate a methodology to assess and map the composite climate risk of agriculture to climate variability and changes in Bhutan.

Adapting to Climate Change

The negative effects of climate change can be mitigated by developing some adaptation measures. While Technology is the primary driver, for overall climate change adaptation, awareness and capacity building among all stakeholders, from farmers to policymakers, are critical.

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