Climate ActionsThe Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystems and Eco-tourism in Ennore Creek, Tamilnadu

CCX project on conservation and development of Mangrove at Ennore creek helped to increase the resilience to climate change and improve livelihoods through adaptive co-management of mangroves and associated ecosystems.

Mangroves are threatened as a result of increasing coastal population, settlements and Industries, unsustainable coastal development and land-based activities. The combination of these with natural forces have impelled climate change impacts. Out of ignorance of their immeasurable values, mangroves are being damaged, and are also treated as some waste reservoirs.

Improving Lives

  • Waste Management and Pollution Control
  • Setting up Mangrove Nurseries
  • Creating livelihoods for local communities

Restoring Livelihood

While it meant conservation of Mangroves, the restoration also helps in enhancing the livelihoods of the coastal communities at various levels leading to economic growth. A platform for carbon ecosystem conservation, restoration and scientific research and development known as Ennore Mangrove Forum has also been established.

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