Bio remediation of existing dumping site and Construction of Scientific Landfill under Rourkela municipal, Rourkela, Odisha.

Seepage of Solid Waste into underlying soil and water, contaminates both. This waste rots and decomposes, and produces harmful greenhouse gases (CO2 & Methane) contributing to global warming. Land filling of solid waste is the most practiced method worldwide resulting in landfill pollution and has wider effects on human health as well as on Environment. Methane that is generated due to solid waste is the leading cause of fires at landfills, resulting in garbage burning and air pollution.


To overcome Landfill pollution, Rourkela Municipal Corporation, Orissa engaged CCX team for below:

  • Evaluation of landfill facility for Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste and Detailed Project Report (DPR) on Landfill waste management.
  • BID process management for Construction of Scientific Sanitary Landfill Site.
  • Process Management for Bioremediation of existing Dumping site. 

*A Scientific Landfill minimizes the risk of waste-generated pollutants seeping underground and reduces the generation of methane that can light up the garbage.
This reduces the risk of environmental or health hazards tremendously.*

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