Study to identify wastewater flow from the Industrial Parks into the Isnapur water body and its mitigation measures

Industrial effluents released into adjoining water sources alter latter’s physicochemical composition, changing the water’s quality and making it non-potable and toxic to organisms.

CCX project helped in the Identification of waste water flow from industries into the water bodies thus enabling the mitigation of pollution of water bodies and enhancing the quality of groundwater in the area.

The industries located around the Isnapur lake are releasing their polluted effluents directly into the lake and indirectly into the Nakkavagu tributary. Due to seepage and infiltration of the polluted water bodies/drains, the groundwater and drinking water sources in the area is highly contaminated.

Mitigating Pollution:

Identification and quantification of the sources of industrial effluents from Telangana state industrial infrastructure corporation (TSIIC) Industrial Parks located in the catchment of the Isnapur Lake helps to develop feasible and cost-effective intervention measure(s) in the Industrial parks for reducing water pollution in the water bodies. CCX also helped in the preparation of  the action plan for implementation of remedial intervention measures for preventing the discharge of untreated effluents into the water bodies.

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