Strengthening the knowledge base of government officials to effectively implement Swachh Bharat Mission: Bridging gaps and enhancing implementation.


After the introduction of Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), Capacity building of government functionaries as well as of other stakeholders under SBM-U has been one of the main challenges. In order to build the capacity of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) officials and to manage sanitation issues at the ULB level, in order to address these emerging issues and challenges, the capacity of ULBs officials must be strengthened to enable them to play their role and shoulder their responsibilities efficiently at the ULB level.

Bridging Gaps

The Exposure workshops have been designed by CCX team to bridge the gap in knowledge and information to enable ULB officials to ensure effective solid waste management at ULB level and sustaining it on a long term basis. Institutions of high repute and experience have been engaged in working on imparting training and in other activities to build capacities of ULB officials.

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Capacity Building, Institutional Building, Field Level Trainings and IEBC Activities for 20 Urban Local Bodies of Anantapur and YSR Kadapa Districts.

SANKALP is formed for the adaption of responsibility of once own wards by giving a platform for choosing and registering an association at wards for quick resolution, progress and development of Wards.

As part of this program, CCX team organised E-Learning on Capacity Building for 700 + ULB (Urban Local Body) Officials in 20 ULB’S of 2 districts with 200 + best practices implemented all over India. Moreover, Field level Training for 2023 Public Health workers was organised to raise dignity of Labour and to help them adopt modern Solid Waste Management Techniques.

Impact on Lifes :

Improvising awareness on wet/ dry waste segregation at Wards Level, usage of Personal Protection Equipment by Public Health Workers and Ward Level Associations for Ward level issues, promoting Kitchen composting and Roof Gardening are some of the higher goals that were achieved.

Informational and education led Behaviour Change Activities at ULB’s level was organised as part of SWACH SURVEKSHAN, SWACHH HE SEVA under SWACH BHARAT MISSION.

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